This food type has become 20% more expensive in UAE

Essam Radhi, a fisherman, said the Qabab fish weighing 3.5 to 4kg is available in the market at Dh80 per piece. Actually, Ras Al Khaimah has seen a significant hike of 20 per cent in the price of fish due to pressing demand and lack of proper supply.

Khalifa Saif Al Muhairi, chairman of the RAK Fishermen Society, said that it is a matter of supply and demand. “Some of the fishermen do not go fishing and it has made the problem worse, particularly during the weekends,” Al Muhairi said.

Muhammad Shawqi, a fisherman, said that the 20 per cent jump in fish prices at this time of the year is normal due to lack of supply. “Most of the fish offered come from nearby markets, and hence the costs of transporting and freezing the fish are added to the original price of the fish.

“The prices will mostly go normal by the end of this month, after the ban for collecting Sheri and Safi fish is lifted,” Al Muhairi explained.

Abdullah Asaad, a Syrian customer, said the bodies-in-charge, such as the fishermen society, should enforce a fixed price. “Most fish sellers want to make more money, and raise the fish price by 20 to 30 per cent, adding more burdens on the customers.”

Adnan Jamil, a Jordanian customer, said some fish sellers are greedy, and do not care about customers. “Al Qabab fish was available at Dh50, per piece, few days back, but has shot up to Dh85.”

Essam Radhi, a fisherman, said the Qabab fish weighing 3.5 to 4kg is available in the market at Dh80 per piece. “This is Dh10 more, as it had been sold for Dh70 recently.”

The Gropper fish is also sold at Dh45-50 per kilogram instead of Dh35, according to Sherif Al Wakeel, an Egyptian resident. “This is Dh10 to Dh15 more, and the same applies to most fishes here.”

Denying any responsibility for the price hike on the side of fish traders, Saeed Abdulkarim, a fish seller, said the pressing demand is the main reason for the escalating prices. “There is no more fish available, mainly due to the ban enforced on fishing Sheri and Safi, the most popular local fish, that most fishermen rely on.”

Buying the fish from nearby emirates is also blamed for the price hike, said Ibrahim Ahmed, a fish seller here. “Most customers do not favour frozen fish, and request fresh one.”

 Image credit:, Info credit: Khaleej times

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