French manicure & pedicure

french-manicure-dubai-howmuchisCompare prices for a french manicure and pedicure in Dubai beauty saloons

 Best price in Dubai for french manicure  AED 70 in Nail Emporium
 Best price in Dubai for french pedicure  AED 90 in Nail Emporium, AZZA, Doll House
 Best price in Dubai for french mani+pedi combo  AED 160 in Nail Emporium and N.Bar
 Average price for french manicure in Dubai  AED 83.33
 Average price for french pedicure in Dubai  AED 95.83

Best offer

The best offers in Dubai are proposed by Nail Emporium



Saloon name & website linkFrench manicure price (AED)French pedicure price (AED)Mani+pedi combo price (AED)Notes
Nail bar95105200
Nail Emporium7090160
AZZA home service salon8090170
The doll house8090170
Pastels Salon, Jumerah100110200

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