Review for 2015 May – June Dubai prices

Dubai prices Review
Dubai prices Review

Dubai is getting hot and muggier. So many families are going to leave in June and finally the 18th of June Holy Ramadan will start. The 3rd and last school term comes to the end the 26th of June.

Obviously all factors above influence upon Dubai prices and costs. Actually it’s a good time to figure out the best value for kids summer camp and Iftar dinner.

Let’s go!..

Dubai supermarkets rating (best price criteria competition)

#1 – The best: Coop Union

2. Carrefour

3. Giant

4. Hyper Panda

5. Almaya

6. Spynnies

7. Wait Rose

8. Le Bazar


A bit of details

Best stores for shopping

 Best for fruit and vegetables shopping  Coop Union
 Best for detergents and housekeeping stuff  Carrefour
 Best for poultry and butchery  Carrefour
 Best for sweets and confectionery  HyperPanda
 Best for baby food  Carrefour
 Best for diapers  Carrefour
 Best prices for dairy products  Coop Union
 The lowest price nursery  Sand castle (Jumeira2)
 Best prices for groceries  Coop Union
 Best for basic clothing  HyperPanda


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