Nurseries – half-day

Average price in Dubai per full-day nursery term  is AED 7 983

Average approximate cost per 1 child per month is AED 2 661

The best price in Dubai for half-day 5 days per week is AED 8 600 per term is offered by Sand Castle (including snacks). This nursery provides full-day care for 9 800/term which is best price in the city for full-day option as well

#NurseryLocationTimingPrice,AED *FoodNotes
1.KidzidolSatwa8am-2pm8 700no food
2. Little ChampionsSatwa7.30am-1pm8 500food is avaliable for AED1500 extra
3. The BlossomUmm Sequem18am-1pm11 120Food can be provided for extra charge 1030\term
4.SandcasleJumerah17.30am-1pm8 600including snacks
5.Kanguroo1. Al safa7.30-12.30pm9 800no food
2. Down Town7.30-12.30pm9 800no food
6. Royal Beach Jumerah 38am-12.30pm9 500no food
7.Kensington**Silicon Oasis8am-1pm11 700food provided for extra charge
8.AspinUmm Sequem18am-12.30pm9 800no food
panda's ELC
Jumerah18am-1pm8 690no food
10.OdysseyUmm Sequem28am-2pm10 700no food
11.Kids SpotAl wasl road7.30am-12.30pm10 000Food provided for extra charge

* Price per term (according to the curriculum, approximately 3 months). Almost all nurseries in Dubai have options of 2-days or 3-days or 5-days week in nursery, up to parents how many days per week a kid stays with nursery. Accordingly prices are different, but the best value always is 5-days week.

** AED 35 100 is annual price, must be paid once per year

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