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 Pizza Margharita  46.88  Private piano lesson    200.00  Petrol per litre 1.72
 Juice, 200 ml 1.23  Private language lesson  150.00  Car wash  50.00
 Friday brunch buffet, per person  585.00  Maid cleaning   190.00  Fairy dish wash liquide, 1 litre  10.00
 6 eggs pack  6.83  Babysitting per hour  40.00  Clorox bleach, 1 litre  6.35
 1 kg of rice  31.09  Classic manicure  112.00  Doctor consultation  314.00
 Mojito alcoholic coctail  75.06  A day of kids camp 149.00  1 night hotel stay  1111.00
 Cow milk, 1 litre  8.02  Big bus city tour  218.00  Annual studio-apartment rent in the central area  90.000
 Chicken breast, 1 kg  40.04  Burj Khalifa “At the top” observation desk ticket  125.00  Annual studio-apartment rent in an economy district   40.000
 Chocolate bar, 100g 4.73  Toyota yaris daily rent  148.00  Monthly mobile services  150.00 is an online marketplace connecting people with shops and services providers. We provide an information. We do not buy or sell something.
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